Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big Daddy's Chicken: Trying Out a New Kind of Chops

Living in the south, shopping and roaming around at Mall of Asia is just normal thing to me. I've tried one by one the restaurants I write on my "resto list". Though I admit, this one is not written there, E and I got curious and tried their chicken. Big Daddy's Chicken can be found in the Entertainment Mall, somewhere down the cinemas.
Quite small place, and not ideal for tambayan.
Pricy or quite fine on your budget? Hmm.
The aroma of the freshly deep fried chicken was really mouthwatering.

Chop + Rice + Soup ( P120.00 ) - There are some dishes that's really filling even though I don't have extra rice or extra dishes to eat; and there are some dishes that even though I ate the full meal, it doesn't fill my stomach that much. Bitin. The mushroom soup is ok, like those of Campbell's. For the chops, it's really mouthwatering. Though I look for more flavor. The chicken is tender, however, I am disappointed that it's not boneless.
Chop + Meaty Pasta ( P135.00 ) - I'd rather order a rice meal than this. There's nothing special about the pasta. In this picture, you can see the chicken bones in the chops.
It was not really bad, but it's not that really good. Maybe, they just need to improve on their chops so that people would be looking and craving for their chicken. :)

Big Daddy's Chicken
Mall of Asia

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rufo's Famous Tapa: A Saucy Experience

Hello foodies! It's been a looong time since my last post. Anyways, during the Christmas season, me and my two best girlfriends went on a quick catch up bonding within the vicinity. I chose Rufo's Famous Tapa since I was really curious on their food. I waited for a couple of months from the first time I saw their "Coming Soon!" banner along the main road.
Luckily, it was their grand opening that day so balloons and a bunch of guests welcomed me as I entered the place.
Neat and well-lit place! Another good place to catch up with good friends. The staff were also kind and accommodating!
We never knew that the owners of the place were just in front of us. Though, I haven't got a chance to personally greet them.
Good thing about Rufo's is that they offer variety of Fil-Am and Filipino food.
Yummy treats from Rufo's. Now, what to order? :)
My date for the day! Hahaha. Naah, my other friend was late that's why she doesn't have a picture.
Mushroom Adobo ( P104.00 ) - I love these mushrooms! I like its sweet-salty flavor. Swear!! I can eat these all. It's a perfect appetizer to munch in especially when you're waiting for a friend who's running late. Hahaha! :p
Rufo's Famous Tapa ( P108.00 ) - As first timers, we decided to order this for the three of us. Looking on the plate, the serving was quite reasonable. I never knew that their tapa is saucy like this. Though, I like the tenderness of the tapa. It's mildly flavored, saucy, and all worth it!
Ending this post with their tag line:

'Sauce pa lang, ulam na!'

-which is really true :)

Rufo's Famous Tapa
Alabang Zapote Road, Las Pinas City