Monday, May 28, 2012

Bow and Arrows

Last week, we finally used our voucher at Gandiva. We bought this voucher at Metrodeal that entitles 50% off for one hour archery session + 10% discount on food and drinks at Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range. I had my first archery session at Gandiva, Mall of Asia way back 2009. Then they moved to Ortigas last year. Archery is a unique sport which can't be usually seen in streets that's why I was really excited to try it the second time around. Their place today is much bigger than their previous archery range at MOA. They also have Gandiva Cafe so people can chill before and/or after their session. Gandiva is an indoor archery facility with 9 lanes, 18 meter range.

Vain pictures while waiting for our turn!
Gandiva Cafe. We didn't get a chance to try their cafe since we're on a 'broke mode' day. 
We didn't waste our time for the one hour session of archery so this photos were taken after the archery session. :)
9 lanes, 18 meter range.

We accidentally had a small talk with Mr. Tim Bismark, and he asked us this question: So why archery? My mind was stunned for a moment and I just said it's unique. He said something like archery is in our DNA but we forget it. He is an archer for 5 years and had suffered 2 strokes before. According to him, archery is one of the reasons for his recovery.

Our mind is like the bow. Our thoughts are like arrows. And life is all about hitting targets.
Tim Bismark, Gandiva Archery consultant/trainer and founding director of Gandiva

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range
Unit 704 One Corporate Center
Julio Vargas St. Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Friday, May 25, 2012


Did you ever know that there is already a new 1 peso coin?

This commemorates the 150th birth anniversary of our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. As you can see, the BSP seal is different in this new coin. It has the same size and weight as of the old 1 peso coin we used. Actually, I found this new 1 peso coin at Tom's World, Robinson's Ermita while playing the "Gold Digger" game or for me, the "Piso Piso" game. I really enjoyed that game! I have a Tom's World card that has around 5000 tickets, and 90% of that was from this 'piso piso' game. This card was 4 years old already (though I enjoy playing that game, I'm not that person who goes there almost ever week just to play).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dining Inside the Walled City

There are so many restaurants inside Intramuros, one of which is the famous Barbara's beside San Agustin Church. Though we haven't eaten there, we still decided to look for another restaurant which we don't know. This is just in front of San Agustin Church, Ristorante delle Mitre.
Their signage for the restaurant is a bit small. 
They have so many dishes on their list! I'm wondering if it tastes good. ;)
This was one of the reasons why we chose to dine here, pastries!! :)
It's like a vintage house! I like the interiors, though not that elegant, it looks well-maintained. I felt I was in the Spanish era because of their interiors.
You thinking, what I'm thinking? This one should be judged! Yay! :)
Lolo Dency's Pasta Penne with Shrimp & Kesong Puti (P 158.00) - A bit spicy but I really enjoyed this pasta. There were more than five shrimps! Hooray! I love how the pasta was cooked, it was not overcooked. The bread was fine.
Beef Salpicao with Garlic & Mushroom (P 108.00) - Served with iced tea. It tasted like an ordinary beef salpicao according to E. Nothing special. Not that appetizing presentation. Oops, sorry for the grainy photo!
 Calamansi Cheesecake (P 138.00 per slice; half of the cake since it's around 5 inches in diameter) - Cheesecake topped with thinly sliced calamansi and gelatin. Yay! I'm not really into cheesecake but I feel hungry everytime I see this. E ate the sliced calamansi, and I told him it's not edible. Haha! We don't eat the skin of calamansi right? Well, I really don't know. This is a must try! It's not that sour, swear!! :)

Overall, our hungry stomach was satisfied. The curiosity on the cheesecake was solved, it was really good! However, I was not that amazed on the food we ordered. In addition, when we asked the waitress on what's their best seller, she can't even answer us right away unlike waiters in other restaurants, still she suggested what we ordered. That's fine.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Glimpse of the Walled City

Have you ever heard of the Electric Chariot in Intramuros? Well, E and I got to know this through Metrodeal. In case you didn't know, Metrodeal is one of the websites that offers various discounts on travel, food, and lifestyle genres. We bought Electric Chariot vouchers at 50% off. I didn't know that there are hotels inside Intramuros. The staff were really accomodating! They offer us water to quench our thirst while waiting. Kuya Joel and Charlie were good tour guides and humurous! Congrats Kuya Joel for graduating AB History! Credits also for you for being our photographer while riding the chariot! He took majority of the photos below! :p
**Photo overload below! 
San Agustin Church. One of the oldest Church in the Philippines!
 Gotta love the look of Barbara's! I'm looking forward to dine here next time. :)
 Getting ready for the road trip!
Yay! Still nervous operating the chariot! Hihi ;)
Muslim House. According to the tour guide, around 2 families can live there. Imagine that? This is kinda small for them. And notice that the house is elevated since most of the houses in Mindanao stood above the water.
Mosque. I thought it's a little small. 
Clamshell Tent (Since it looks like a clamshell on a bird's eye-view). Did you know that this place was the former Ateneo? Intramuros was indeed the 'Manila' that time, the walled city, wherein anything beyond the walls was considered as province. 
Presidents and their contributions written on their corresponding tablet. Their eyes are scary! It looks like the tip of the gun! 
FYI: Fidel V. Ramos wears glasses with frame only (no lens). It's his own fashion and trademark. I barely can't remember if I really don't know that or I just forgot. :p
Who's your best president? Marcos for the two of us! :)
They told us to hold hands, K. :))
We had our tour for an hour including the 10 minute familiarization with the chariot. I thought it was just enough to roam around Intramuros, however we just toured a couple of streets. :( Anyways, I'm still hoping to discover this walled city a little more.
Roaming around Casa Manila. :)
What flower is this? It's like a yellow bell but it's not yellow! :|
Overview of Manila Hotel and the golf course. The golf course was a moat years ago, the Americans transformed it into this so it would look better.
'Til next time! :)

I had fun discovering Intramuros, though I have to admit I was bitin of this adventure. I don't care if this one was visited a million times by other people. There were so much to discover pa! I know, I can feel it in my bones! :))  I'm looking forward to another historical travel like this. Yay for Ilocos! I really want to go there. :( I have this list of places that I wan

Looking for another trip! Suggestions?
♥ A

Plaza San Luis Complex, General Luna St. cor. Urdaneta St., Intramuros, Manila