Friday, May 11, 2012

Brown and Pearls

Hooray! Today's the Oathtaking Ceremony of New Professional Electronics Engineers, Registered Electronics Engineers and Registered Electronics Technicians at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. The 'program' (I thought an oathtaking has a formal program to go through, however, the master of the ceremony is a bit kenkoy so the entire ceremony seemed as not-so-formal) started 30 to 40 minutes late and ended around 4 in the afternoon. The worst part of the day was the claiming of the PRC id, which do not have a systematic distribution. Right after the closing remarks, people rushed through the tables on the left side of the stage to get their id. However, since most of the people were hungry and there's no one said anything about the flow of id distribution aside from the letter labels where people should go, the claiming was really really a riot. We were like inside an MRT on a rush-hour or the crowd in a concert where I can't really see where I'm going to. *Gaaah* And they separate the line of the PRC id and the ratings sheet so I need to fall in line twice.
I planned to wear brown/skin tone color of dress which I bought from Pop Culture; bag from Oasis; wedge from Payless and pearl accessories from Palawan. 
It's now official. I'm a Licensed Electronics Engineer. ♥

After the oathtaking ceremony, we went to Racks at Mall of Asia to have our sumptuous dinner! I was so hungry! **Not so mouthwatering photos since we're all hungry to consider retakes! ;)
The famous MOA Eye (180 ft tall) worth P 150.00 for one round which takes about 10 minutes. It has 36 air-conditioned gondolas (each gondola can carry 6 persons).
Pink Lemonade - Well, as you can see, the serving is small. Fortunately, I liked the taste of the lemonade, it was not too sour nor too sweet. In addition, it has fruit bits to quench that thirsty tongue!
Epic Racks Original Barbeque Sauce
House Salad - I was shocked that it was served with garlic bread on the side. The bread was amazing! That thin strips are apple! It's an ordinary salad served with a raspberry sauce (interesting!).
Carbonara - This is a solo serving served with two garlic bread. For me, this is one of the best carbonara I've ever tasted. The sauce was creamy and the meat (ham) was of enough serving.
Racks Classic Pork Ribs (Half Rack) - It was served with garlic bread and two side dishes, Corn on the Cob and Broccoli and Cheese
Look at this yummy pork ribs! It was really really tender and great. It really falls off the bone! I'm so into it that even right now I wanna eat at Racks again. ;)
We asked if they can shred the corn. Yey! This was just perfect for ribs!
Mississippi Mud Pie - Who will let the day end without eating a dessert? This is their famous one. This is really something - a comfort zone. The mud pie is served hot, topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream drizzled with chocolate syrup!

We rushed to the Cinemas to watch Avengers! However, the next schedule for a not 3D Avenger movie (I really don't like watching 3Ds) will start at 9:45 PM (it's just 7:30 PM at that time). We don't want to wait long, so we just purchased Avengers tickets at Director's Club. Hell yeah, it was my first time to watch there, unfortunately, few seats left so I sat on the first row seat. Good thing the comfy seat was adjustable so I could turn it into a 'bed' so I won't have a hard time watching the movie (again).

This was a fun long day for me! So much blessings! Thank You Lord! Next on the line is to find a good job! But I would really like to enjoy this summer vacation first before the intense job hunt. :p

♥ Au revoir! :)

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