Friday, May 18, 2012

Dining Inside the Walled City

There are so many restaurants inside Intramuros, one of which is the famous Barbara's beside San Agustin Church. Though we haven't eaten there, we still decided to look for another restaurant which we don't know. This is just in front of San Agustin Church, Ristorante delle Mitre.
Their signage for the restaurant is a bit small. 
They have so many dishes on their list! I'm wondering if it tastes good. ;)
This was one of the reasons why we chose to dine here, pastries!! :)
It's like a vintage house! I like the interiors, though not that elegant, it looks well-maintained. I felt I was in the Spanish era because of their interiors.
You thinking, what I'm thinking? This one should be judged! Yay! :)
Lolo Dency's Pasta Penne with Shrimp & Kesong Puti (P 158.00) - A bit spicy but I really enjoyed this pasta. There were more than five shrimps! Hooray! I love how the pasta was cooked, it was not overcooked. The bread was fine.
Beef Salpicao with Garlic & Mushroom (P 108.00) - Served with iced tea. It tasted like an ordinary beef salpicao according to E. Nothing special. Not that appetizing presentation. Oops, sorry for the grainy photo!
 Calamansi Cheesecake (P 138.00 per slice; half of the cake since it's around 5 inches in diameter) - Cheesecake topped with thinly sliced calamansi and gelatin. Yay! I'm not really into cheesecake but I feel hungry everytime I see this. E ate the sliced calamansi, and I told him it's not edible. Haha! We don't eat the skin of calamansi right? Well, I really don't know. This is a must try! It's not that sour, swear!! :)

Overall, our hungry stomach was satisfied. The curiosity on the cheesecake was solved, it was really good! However, I was not that amazed on the food we ordered. In addition, when we asked the waitress on what's their best seller, she can't even answer us right away unlike waiters in other restaurants, still she suggested what we ordered. That's fine.

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