Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Glimpse of the Walled City

Have you ever heard of the Electric Chariot in Intramuros? Well, E and I got to know this through Metrodeal. In case you didn't know, Metrodeal is one of the websites that offers various discounts on travel, food, and lifestyle genres. We bought Electric Chariot vouchers at 50% off. I didn't know that there are hotels inside Intramuros. The staff were really accomodating! They offer us water to quench our thirst while waiting. Kuya Joel and Charlie were good tour guides and humurous! Congrats Kuya Joel for graduating AB History! Credits also for you for being our photographer while riding the chariot! He took majority of the photos below! :p
**Photo overload below! 
San Agustin Church. One of the oldest Church in the Philippines!
 Gotta love the look of Barbara's! I'm looking forward to dine here next time. :)
 Getting ready for the road trip!
Yay! Still nervous operating the chariot! Hihi ;)
Muslim House. According to the tour guide, around 2 families can live there. Imagine that? This is kinda small for them. And notice that the house is elevated since most of the houses in Mindanao stood above the water.
Mosque. I thought it's a little small. 
Clamshell Tent (Since it looks like a clamshell on a bird's eye-view). Did you know that this place was the former Ateneo? Intramuros was indeed the 'Manila' that time, the walled city, wherein anything beyond the walls was considered as province. 
Presidents and their contributions written on their corresponding tablet. Their eyes are scary! It looks like the tip of the gun! 
FYI: Fidel V. Ramos wears glasses with frame only (no lens). It's his own fashion and trademark. I barely can't remember if I really don't know that or I just forgot. :p
Who's your best president? Marcos for the two of us! :)
They told us to hold hands, K. :))
We had our tour for an hour including the 10 minute familiarization with the chariot. I thought it was just enough to roam around Intramuros, however we just toured a couple of streets. :( Anyways, I'm still hoping to discover this walled city a little more.
Roaming around Casa Manila. :)
What flower is this? It's like a yellow bell but it's not yellow! :|
Overview of Manila Hotel and the golf course. The golf course was a moat years ago, the Americans transformed it into this so it would look better.
'Til next time! :)

I had fun discovering Intramuros, though I have to admit I was bitin of this adventure. I don't care if this one was visited a million times by other people. There were so much to discover pa! I know, I can feel it in my bones! :))  I'm looking forward to another historical travel like this. Yay for Ilocos! I really want to go there. :( I have this list of places that I wan

Looking for another trip! Suggestions?
♥ A

Plaza San Luis Complex, General Luna St. cor. Urdaneta St., Intramuros, Manila


  1. Hi Ayesha!Thanks so much for following my blog. I want to go to Intramuros right now thanks to your wonderful photos!!! Can't wait to read more of your posts. Mwah!

    1. Hi!! Sure thing! I'm glad you enjoyed my post! Thank you so much! :*