Saturday, September 29, 2012

What's the best BRGR for you?

I was overwhelmed to be a part of the Media Launch of the BRGR: The Burger Project in Taft last Tuesday. I felt excited on this event because it was actually my first time to eat here and to attend a Media Launch.

I went to Taft with great hopes because I heard a lot of positive feedbacks at this store. Being a Taft person for 5 years, this is one of the few stores that made me look forward on the food they're gonna offer.

Their location is very accessible to students of De La Salle University, College of Saint Benilde, and St. Scholastica's College since it's just a few steps away from their school. It also lies at the ground floor of The Grand Towers wherein the occupants can be one of their loyal customers (because they're just going to ride the elevator down and have their customized burger).
Their store is located few steps away from the entrance of the Ground Floor of The Grand Towers. Having their store hidden inside the building, still, their burgers created a bang on their customers.
So, what does The BRGR Project offer? 
Isn't it exciting? We finally had this chance of creating our own burger by putting all the ingredients we want and be creative. I'm really excited because I usually remove some ingredients on my burger in some fast food, for instance, the pickles. Others may love all the toppings but whether I like it or not, I payed for the ingredient in that burger. But in The Burger Project, we only pay for the ingredients we want for our customized burger. We create our own burger and we can claim it to be our own best burger ever.
So many ingredients to choose from! And I'm really looking forward on how my burger will look! :)
They also have 6 designer/signature burgers to choose from if ever you don't want to create your own burger. Personally, I find it a bit stressful yet exciting on creating my own burger because I want it to be the best for me.
Burger of the Month!!
Cool graffiti on the second floor!
Creative interiors!
Mr. Ruben, Mr. Chris (The Burger Project first franchisee), and Chef Edward discussing how the BRGR: The Burger Project started. We were all astonished by these three handsome men in front of us!
Live demonstration of Chef Edward on how they do our burgers. They are very generous on their toppings! Their ingredients also don't have MSG - you can be assured that the ingredients are fresh and. Chef Ed also shared to us that they're planning to tie up with Gawad Kalinga to give them a plot wherein they could personally plant and grow the vegetables they use.
Finish Product! Now it's our turn to create our own burger! :)
I had a hard time naming my burger. :( I promise next time, I'll have my name for my burger! I felt really delighted while choosing the ingredients on my own personalized burger - gotta love artsy crafts especially if it's edible!
Thousands of combinations to choose from! And there is no limit on how many kinds of burger patties, cheese, and even toppings you want to put on your creation.
Milk Shakes to the rescue if ever you got a smokin' spicy hot burger!
Onion Rings ( P65.00 ) - This was the BEST onion rings I've ever tasted. It remained sweet and crunchy even if it was exposed for a long time in our table.
Mozarella Sticks ( P140.00 )
Gooey yummy mozarella cheese!
Buffalo Wings ( P150.00 ) - Saucy & tender buffalo wings. The flavor was evident not only on the outer part but also on the inner most part of the meat! P.S. It's really spicy! But the dip helps to neutralize the spiciness of the buffalo wings.
Sweet Potato Fries ( P60.00 )
Ms. Kathy's Burger 
Khaezel's 'Disturbed 50:50'
Mickey's Burger
Blueberry Milkshake & Vanilla Milkshake ( P140.00 each ) - Whooping 6-7 scoops of ice cream. The word DIET is not on The Burger Project's dictionary. Talking about the taste, it was splendid - rich and creamy! Khaezel and Ms. Katty had two glasses of vanilla milkshakes! :p
E's Burger
My burger!! 100% Angus Beef + Chori + Lettuce + Sauteed Mushrooms + Mozarella Cheese + Special BRGR Sauce
Expectations were met.

I love the idea that we got to express our creativity by creating our own burger. We can be daring and be adventurous on each and every combinations we make with the best ingredients The Burger Project can offer. Be a kid, unleash the creativity that lies in your inner being - be yourself and create the best burger in Manila.
OpenRicers with Chef Ed and Mr. Ruben
Thank you so much BRGR: The Burger Project for having us and giving us this goodies!! Finally, I've found the BEST BURGER in Manila! :)

BRGR: The Burger Project
The Grand Towers, Vito Cruz, Manila

Friday, September 28, 2012

Manang's + Moshi Manju

I went to SM Megamall to have my medical examination for pre-employment. Hooraay I'm gonna work soon and I'm afraid I'll have lesser time to blog. Anyways, I had my lunch at Manang's Chicken at SM Megamall Foodcourt. I remember my review days in Taft wherein I crave for Manang's Fish Fillet with their Original sauce. Yummy!
Fish Fillet Meal ( P99.00 ) - We already knew some dips usually paired with fish fillet like the tartar sauce or gravy, but you shouldn't miss Manang's Original Sauce at your fish fillet. It was a hit!

After my late lunch, I went to Market Market to meet with E. E introduced me to this food stall inside Market Market. I only know Japanese cake - the circle shaped one stuffed with cheese. And now, I'm excited to try this Korean cake which had two flavors - Chocolate and Pastillas.
People creating up a line to buy this cakes! It was a hit for others, and I can't wait to have a bite!
We ordered a small box. Hihi :)
Chocolate-flavored Korean cakes piling up on the tray!
So this is how the Korean cakes are made. Hmmm.
Bite-size Korean cakes! I'm drooling now! =p~
It was delicious! The bread was soft and the filling was scrumptious. Both pastillas and chocolate flavors tasted heavenly! But if I were to pick one flavor, I'll choose pastillas! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coffee Prince & Restaurant

Coffee shops are continuing to pop up in populated areas like in a prestigious school vicinity like De La Salle University. Well, I already knew this particular coffee shop near my school months ago and I heard good feedbacks from my friends. Recently, E and I checked out this coffee shop and had a quick drink. 
Coffee Prince rang a bell most probably on Koreanovela fans here in the Philippines. And I really think that this coffee shop had a good and catchy name.
They have a wide selection of drinks - from hot to cold to frappe to smoothies to milk teas. In addition, they don't just serve drinks, but as well as pastries, salads, and pasta. They offer a complete experience by offering such meals to satisfy their customers' needs. By having this kind of menu, I can actually stay here all day.
Yes, they gave me a 'Stamp Coupon' or loyalty card! It doesn't only contain boxes and stamps, but also their menu is written on the other side of this small card. I'm hoping to complete this one!! :)
E and I stayed on the first floor and a feeling of tranquility welcomed us. I liked the interiors especially the high ceiling - it makes the whole place look bigger. There were a couple of couches and wooden chairs inside. They also have free WIFI service, just ask the staff to give you a piece of paper where they write their WIFI password. Various drinks + food choices + couches + WIFI sounds a perfect tambayan place for me and my friends. We could eat, chitchat, study, read a book, and even connect on our online accounts here!
Looks bubbles!
And I really fell in love on the interiors. I love this cute artsy design on the walls.
Prince Oreo Frappe ( P145.00 ) - It's 0% trans fat (as stated in my loyalty card!).
Simple drink with artsy chocolate syrup & oreo on top of the luscious whipped cream. It was actually good! E and I loved our drink and we enjoyed its sweet refreshing flavor.

Coffee Prince & Restaurant
The Grand Towers Manila
Pablo Ocampo St., Malate, Manila
Facebook: Coffee Prince PH and CoffeePrincePH