Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Spam Jam Experience

Up to date, I have already tried so many kinds of restaurants, fast-food chains, and food stalls. We all know that there are some that we didn't like because of various reasons, which can be categorized to ambiance, service, and most importantly food. 

One owner of a restaurant said that it's impossible to like all the things they can serve. I certainly agree with that, because at some point, they will offer us a dish our taste buds can't really adore compare to what we usually want. Not all people have the same verdicts on food; I may like dish A and dislike dish B while E may like dish B and dislike dish A. I think you get my point there.

While strolling at the mall, I've noticed a lot of restaurants and food stalls - some of which really interests me and makes me want to try. There are also some stalls that I only notice and put that idea on my brain - and that's it.

E and I seldomly visit to SM Megamall since it's far from our place. By the moment we had this chance, we grabbed the opportunity to have a random food trip. It's snack time on our watch, and fortunately we passed by this stall which captured our taste buds.
Spam Jam! Almost all people I know loves spam, and I think this is one great news to spam lovers. They have a very accommodating and kind staff. They were always smiling, it's a positive vibe that can make each customers have a good start before having a bite on their meals!
Three simple meals any time of the day! Since it's snack time, we tried their SPAM Musubi!
Spam Musubi ( P48.00 ) - Looked like a maki to us! Anyways, we went gaga on our first bite! The light-flavored rice was perfect on the spam! We were also amazed that every ingredient was so contact on each other that we don't have to bother if we're careful enough not to spill any rice bits at the table. Ideal food for on-the-go! :)

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