Wednesday, September 19, 2012

KXP: Hot Off The Griddle

For our 5th Eat's a Date event, we finally tried Kulinarya Experience (KXP) at Robinson's Place Ermita. I admit that even though I usually visit RP Manila, I haven't tried eating here until OpenRice PH gave me that chance to finally dine here. The place gave me a positive outlook for the dishes they're going to serve. I like the red-themed design, which I know from psychology, encourages appetite.
It's dinner time and KXP had their tables and chairs almost full with customers! So I expected that they offer great dishes!
With my friends, Andy and Zeti :)
And of course with my foodie buddy :) [Photo courtesy of Andy]
House Blended Iced Tea - It was made from loose tea leaves with calamansi. I'm fond of drinking iced tea, and this one was really good.
Roast Beef ( P195.00 ) - "The best roast beef in town". Wow, this just amazed me. For an affordable price, I've been sent to heaven even just on my first bite! That slow roasted US Angus Beef melts in my mouth because of its tenderness and succulent flavor. The gravy added to that remarkable moment because of its unique taste of red wine sauce. The dish would not be complete without the cheesy potatoes on the side, which were boiled and deep fried drizzled with zesty cheese and bacon bits. This dish is something I would look for from now on! :) 
Asian Buffalo Lollies ( P185.00 for 3 pcs ) - Coated and deep fried then tossed in their "Asian Buffalo Style" sauces in which you can choose the spiciness level either Mild, Medium, or Hot. They served us the medium one, and I can say it has the right spiciness on my taste buds! It was saucy-tender-juicy lollies. The bleu cheese dip was also helpful in neutralizing the spiciness of the lollies and giving me a sweet creamy taste.
Salmon Steak ( P220.00 ) - This was one unique dish because the salmon was cooked with mushrooms and wasabi paste on top. The mushrooms were more flavorful than the soft and well-cooked salmon cubes. The wasabi created that weird but delectable taste of the salmon steak. The macaroni salad was sweet with a hint of sourness which was a good match to the salmon. I can say that this dish is for health conscious out there!  
Seafood Salad Maki ( P195.00 ) - I'm not a maki lover, but this one was the BEST MAKI I've ever tasted! This maki consisted of shrimp and crab stick salad rolled in nori, breaded then deep fried. It contains a creamy sauce inside so dips are not needed. The sweet seafood flavor was really evident especially the crab sticks! It was crunchy on the outside, and succulent inside! This is a MUST TRY! :)
Sliders ( P115.00 for 3 pcs ) - Grilled Chicken Fillet. Crispy Fish Fillet. Burger. Roast Beef. This cute little burgers come with different dips: cheese, gravy, BBQ, honey mustard, and wasabi mayo. This was kinda exciting because we can choose add on flavors from these dips to our sliders. In my opinion, the dips gave an edge to the sliders; without the dips, the slider looks like an ordinary miniature burger. The cheese dip is a recommendable dip.
Home-made Lasagna ( P195.00 ) - This is one of the best lasagna I've ever tasted because it was jam-packed with a generous serving of ground beef, creamy tomato sauce, and firm-well-cooked pasta. The entire lasagna was also contact with each other so it was not messy to eat. 
Chicken Strips on Baked Tomato Rice ( P195.00 ) - I love baked rice! It really has a mouthwatering presentation, which excites me! It has fresh tomatoes and creamy cheese on top! The chicken strips were tender and tasted good. However, as I scooped on the rice, I noticed that the bottom part was dry. Maybe I prefer this dish to have a little more creamy tomato and cheese not just on top, but also on the entire serving of rice.
Baked Shrimp Thermidor Rice ( P195.00 ) - At first I thought that the first baked rice tastes better, but I was wrong. This was one great baked rice dish! I love the bursting flavor of cheese on top. It was creamy, and more flavorful compare to Baked Tomato Rice. It has the right amount of creaminess, though the bottom part of rice was a little dry, I think you don't want to have your baked rice to become a baked cheese. On my plate, I'm glad I found about two 'lucky shrimps' (because you really can't distinguish the shrimp here)!
Red Velvet Cake - Just enough sweetness piece of cake. The cream cheese was the star on this cake, it was so creamy and delicious! The cake was moist, fluffy, and has a rough texture.
Fudge Brownie Ala Mode ( P120.00 ) - Brownie and Vanilla ice cream were meant for each other, and I really love that combination!
Butterscotch Bar with Walnuts Ala Mode ( P120.00 ) - I never knew that a Butterscotch Bar will be a great combination to Vanilla ice cream. The chewy and sweet caramel bar can never go wrong with my favorite classic vanilla ice cream. This was the best dessert served for the night.
Thank you Chef Carlo and Chef Patricia for the wonderful experience at KXP! ♥
[Photo courtesy of Andy]

KXP offers a wide variety of delectable dishes - that explains why there were a lot of people dining in here. They also have kind and accommodating staff, which consistently change our dining utensils after we finish a particular dish. I don't really know if it's a good or a bad thing concerning Mother Earth, but at that moment, I felt like I was a princess being served! I was overwhelmed to meet the owners, Chef Carlo & Chef Patricia, who were very nice to us.

I just noticed one downfall here, I think they should put an extra effort on the quality assurance of the food they serve. I found out two unhygienic faults on two of their dishes which dismayed me. Good thing they offer great dishes to overpower my disappointments. :)

Kulinarya Experience (KXP)
Robinson's Place Manila
Ermita, Manila
Facebook: KXP Kulinarya Experience

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