Sunday, December 23, 2012

Marta's Cakes: The Rainbow Land

An overdue post, I know. I have been missing in action (MIA) for a couple of weeks. I've been so tired from work. From South to North travel for work. From parties and Christmas shopping. 

Anyway,  E and I passed by at Marta's Cakes at Serendra. I remembered that they have a decorate-it-yourself (DIY) offer for cupcakes and cookies. We checked it out and tried their decorating activity! Yay! Here are the photos of our DIY adventure! :)
So many colorful cupcakes, cakes, and cookies!! :)

Colorful candy/cake/cupcake land interiors - a girl would love to have on her room!
Colorful and wonderful cake designs displayed on a colorful wall! <3
The cupcake land!!
The cake land!!
Now, for the decorating activity!!
Colorful icings for our cupcakes <3 Icings are a big factor in cupcakes, it usually creates the "deciding factor" or the bang in these desserts. I felt excited after tasting the icing! It was lusciously sweet and has a mouthwatering texture. <3
We are ready for our artsy crafty decorating activity! I need my creative skills now. :)
Pound and Chocolate cupcakes for P 160.00
Serious much? :)
The package also comes with sprinkles and marshmallows.
Our finished product. OKAY. I know it was not that good. Hahaha! My innovative skills didn't join me while I'm decorating the cupcake. :/
We enjoyed decorating the cupcakes and having the feeling of being a kid - enjoying every single color and decorating stuff in our artsy crafts! Next time, I promise that my cupcake will be much much creative than this. :)

Marta's Cakes
Serendra, Bonifacio High Street
26th St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Heavenly Cakes at Cafe Mary Grace

So, this was the dessert portion of my date with Reanne and Angge. This place wasn't actually the first choice, however that other restaurant was full of customers and they're afraid they can't accommodate us for the night. Actually, most of the restaurants in BGC were full of customers, even if it isn't payday friday yet. Luckily, Cafe Mary Grace can accommodate us three instantly (not because they have few customers, but they have a two-seater vacant table that can be converted to three). 
Cafe Mary Grace offers a classic vintage ambiance on their place through their wooden interiors. Flowers and candles were also visible on every table which can add to the intimate experience of each customers. 
We ordered three different flavors of cake. As these cakes arrived on our table, I was amazed on how the cakes were neatly sliced and prepared. It looks really good that I don't want to ruin its appearance! They offer big chocolate slices that makes every peso worth it!
Black Velvet - Rich and moist chocolate version of the famous velvet cakes.
Chocolate Mousse - Succulent and mildly sweet!
Strawberry Shortcake - OH. This cake was so gastronomically stimulating! The fresh red strawberries were so inviting and we really fell on it. The luscious cream was mildly sweet, just enough to make you crave for more. Soft, creamy, sweet and a hint of fresh zesty burst from the strawberries were evident on each bite! Even my inner spirit was dancing for this heavenly piece of cake! We all love this! :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Buffalo Wings Cravings

I was out early from work and decided to have a quick videoke session with my officemates. After which, I headed to SM Megamall to claim something and have an early dinner. 

I've been waiting for Buffalo's Wings N' Things to open here at SM Megamall. It's my first time to try here and I'm on a I-want-buffalo-wings-now mode recently. Their place is small, but they can cater roughly around 30 customers. E and I decided to have a no rice meal for the night. Yaay, diet? :)
The staff were accommodating! They know what to recommend for their customers. They were also kind and jolly that can make each customer have a positive outlook on the food they'll serve.
Not sure on what they offer? Here's a snapshot of their menu! :)
The food was not much a wait! Now, we're excited to munch in some buffalo!
Down Town Iced Tea Glass ( P49.00 ) - Thirst quenching drink for us!
Classic Chicken Fingers w/ Honey Mustard ( P139.00 ) - Tender and light breaded chicken fingers. Just perfect food to munch in when I need a light snack yet filling! :)
Bleu Cheese Burger ( P179.00 ) - Three mini burgers coming your way! Tender and juicy burger patties with lots of sliced onions and reasonable amount of bleu cheese. Whew! Simple yet satisfying, I can say.
Champion Buffalo Wings ( P139.00 ) - New York's Finest (Level 2 Hot Meter). Tender chicken meat with crispy skin! Yay! E and I agreed that the spiciness of New York's Finest is perfect on our taste buds! It's scrumptious and really worth the price!

Buffalo's Wings N' Things
Lower Ground Level, Bldg A
SM Megamall, Mandaluyong

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dinner with My Girls at Nolita

It was a great year for me and my friends who graduated college and passed the board exam this year. Some of us looked for jobs right after these events, and some chose to take it one step at a time to savor the moment of being an unemployed, yet licensed engineer.

Months have passed and chances of hanging out with my friends become smaller. Days have gone by, and this one sweet night was the time we finally had a chance to meet each other. Angge and Reanne were my close girlfriends during college days, they were also my block mates. Five years ago, we were just normal college engineering students with a heavy drawing set and some books; and now, we are already Electronics Engineer and already establishing our chosen career.

Fast forwarding to the get together, we had a hard time picking the restaurant of the night where we can chit chat and eat. Angge wanted Pesto, and we wanted less carb treats (diet, yeah right). Nolita was a great choice for the night. One thing I noticed that we didn't bother about the price of the food, unlike when we're just students. Yeah, perks of being working girls.
Small place with a self-service environment. Big pizzas welcomed me as I place our order. Customer start to come in after I placed my order. Nolita is indeed a hit here! Now, I wonder how good their food is? ;)
Look how cool their 'number' is! I'm not sure how they'll differentiate one from another.

[1] Line up
[2] Pick from the menu
[3] Pay for your meal
[4] Grab your food
[5] Find a seat
[6] Eat
[7] Repeat Make NOLITA a habit

Mixed Green Salad ( P150.00 ) - Fresh vegetables to start off dinner! I like the simplicity of this salad, and the lightness of the dressing. 
Black Olive Pomodoro ( P290.00 ) - It was OK for us. What I really like here was the hint of zesty flavor of fresh tomato chunks and tomato paste. 
Pesto Pasta Al Telefono ( P310.00 ) - Pesto pasta dishes are my favorite. I love the generous serving of the pesto sauce! Chunks of mozzarella cheese were also visible on this dish. Great pasta!
Honey Garlic Buffalo Wings ( P350.00 ) - I was really craving for buffalo wings and they agreed when I suggested this dish, sweet! Light-flavored buffalo wings with perfect blending of spices. 
Vegetable sticks were also served on the side to munch in that can help neutralize the taste buds in between every wing. A dip on the bleu cheese creates a different kick; whether you dip it or not, it tastes great!
Water, anyone? :)
Hello there, Angge! You're getting fat!
Hello there Reanne! :)
Now, who needs diet? :)) It was totally a great night for us girls. Next time, I want to try their pizzas and burgers! It really looks good and almost every customer have that on their table! ;)

...and even as we leave our table, the place was still full of customers dining in! Now I know why people choose this place! ;)
Nolita = North Of Italy

7th Ave. cor 29th St. South,
Bonifacio High Street Central,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Facebook: Nolita