Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Heavenly Cakes at Cafe Mary Grace

So, this was the dessert portion of my date with Reanne and Angge. This place wasn't actually the first choice, however that other restaurant was full of customers and they're afraid they can't accommodate us for the night. Actually, most of the restaurants in BGC were full of customers, even if it isn't payday friday yet. Luckily, Cafe Mary Grace can accommodate us three instantly (not because they have few customers, but they have a two-seater vacant table that can be converted to three). 
Cafe Mary Grace offers a classic vintage ambiance on their place through their wooden interiors. Flowers and candles were also visible on every table which can add to the intimate experience of each customers. 
We ordered three different flavors of cake. As these cakes arrived on our table, I was amazed on how the cakes were neatly sliced and prepared. It looks really good that I don't want to ruin its appearance! They offer big chocolate slices that makes every peso worth it!
Black Velvet - Rich and moist chocolate version of the famous velvet cakes.
Chocolate Mousse - Succulent and mildly sweet!
Strawberry Shortcake - OH. This cake was so gastronomically stimulating! The fresh red strawberries were so inviting and we really fell on it. The luscious cream was mildly sweet, just enough to make you crave for more. Soft, creamy, sweet and a hint of fresh zesty burst from the strawberries were evident on each bite! Even my inner spirit was dancing for this heavenly piece of cake! We all love this! :)

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