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What's in IMC Kavino?

IMC Kavino is owned by Mr. Wilson Tan, with his International Master Chef Kavino. It's a fusion cuisine that really made me curious. Here, you can order by portions so as to match with the customer's needs.
Ugh. Limited parking space only. :| So be sure don't come here by groups with a couple or more cars. :)
IMC Kavino has a crowded/not-that-spacious place. It has dim light that helps to create a relaxing ambiance around the place. A large aquarium can be found in the corner, which of course visible in most Chinese restaurant. 
I love this carved wood at the ceiling.
IMC Kavino offers a complimentary Oolong Tea, which can also be found in most of Chinese Restaurants. Aside from that, they also serve complimentary nuts.
Jasmine Delight ( P98.00 ) - Left side. It's an iced tea with a hint of lemon taste and Jasmine essence from Chinese tea leaves. It was delighting and refreshing.
Mulberry Special ( P128.00 ) - Right side. It's basically a mixture of grapes and sprite. For me, there's nothing special aside from it's grape flavor.
The drinks were refreshing though I can't seem to find something special on it for its worth. It's very pricy for me and it's not bottomless.
Takoyaki ( P388.00 for 4 pcs ) - This might be a different presentation of Takoyaki. Served in succulent servings of lettuce wraps, squid, cuttlefish, bonito flakes - almost everything you see in an ordinary takoyaki but this one's way better. A bit pricy, but everything in it was really fresh and in overall - heaven!
Chicken Buns ( P108.00 for 3 pcs ) - This is the miniature version of typical siopao. Ground pork was used with some green veggies, though it's called chicken bun. This is the original version of bola bola. It was a bit dry but full of filling.
Veggie ala Beijing ( P 338.00 for 6 pcs ) - IMC Kavino's vegetarian version of Pecking Duck wrap. Instead of meat, golden fried tofu was used with accompaniment of some fresh vegetables like carrots. 
Pumpkin Puree Seafood Soup ( P100.00/cup ) - The most expensive soup that I've encountered. It has a light flavor of pumpkin. It doesn't only have pumpkin puree, but also it contains a lot of mushroom, squid, and shrimp. Maybe that explains why it's that expensive.
Prawn with Salted Egg and Fried Kangkong - The shrimps were covered with salted egg. The kangkong were sweet and were cooked very well to create a powdery thin texture. Its sweetness contrasts the saltiness of the shrimp. This looked ordinary, but when you mixed these two, it creates a heavenly taste! This is a great match with rice!

King Dao Spareribs with Chinese White Wine and Mayo ( P328.00 ) - It was served in a heart-shaped plate, which Mr. Wilson Tan, himself designed. The meat was tender and the sauce has a unique taste. I prefer the one with red sauce, since I'm not into mayo. But Mr. Tan also recommended to mix the two flavors to create a more flavorful dish.

Drunken Chicken ( 498.00 ) - A cold dish and can be comparable to a Hainanese Chicken. Breaks off the bone! The chicken meat was very tender and full of chicken flavor. The salty wine sauce was evident in every bite of the chicken, felt like it was marinated for a long period of time.
Three Cup Beef Tenderloin Cube ( P388.00 ) - I can compare it to a beef teriyaki. It was tender and the sweet-salty taste was evident in every bite.
Golden Garlic Yang Chow Fried Rice ( P248.00 )
Vegetable Curry Fried Rice
Salted Fish Fried Rice
I can't seem to find the difference on the taste of Salted Fish Fried Rice and Yang Chow Fried Rice. Still, all of the rice dishes have a lavish serving of meat and veggies. My least favorite was the Curry one, it's spicy and I'm just not into curry dishes.
Pan Grilled Mixed Mushroom with Garlic - The flavor of the mushroom was very prominent. It's firm and well-cooked.
Coconut Taro Black Rice Sago - Complimentary dessert. It tasted like a kakanin, which is a native Filipino delicacy. It was creamy and delicately sweet.
Malayan Cake ( P108.00 for 5 pcs ) - It's very aromatic! It was soft, fluffy, and has a light sweet taste. It's comparable to a puto.
Snow Ball ( P120.00 for 4 pcs) - It tasted like a mochi! The mongo filling has a soft texture. It was sticky and yummy.

IMC Kavino offers a wide variety of dishes. Most of their dishes are unique and worth a try, though a bit pricy, they can assure you that the ingredients used were fresh and authentic. During our visit, I had a hard time looking on the menu what they had served on us. Maybe because they really don't have everything on the menu - and it means that Chef's talent is not limited on what is written on the menu. The staff were very accommodating and kind though they were not yet expert on the menu. Still, they were friendly and approachable.

We were so full! A lot of good dishes served that made my tummy very happy today. I'll be looking forward to eat again here, and for sure, I'm gonna order Takoyaki! :>
A picture with Mr. Wilson Tan and International Master Chef Kavino. Photo credit from Jaycelle Playda

Also, thank you Kathy Ngo for the list of dishes!

IMC Kavino
International Master Chef Kavino
136 Jupiter St., G/F Jupiter Place, Makati City
Telephone Number: +632 964-7545
Facebook: IMC Kavino

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