Friday, September 28, 2012

Manang's + Moshi Manju

I went to SM Megamall to have my medical examination for pre-employment. Hooraay I'm gonna work soon and I'm afraid I'll have lesser time to blog. Anyways, I had my lunch at Manang's Chicken at SM Megamall Foodcourt. I remember my review days in Taft wherein I crave for Manang's Fish Fillet with their Original sauce. Yummy!
Fish Fillet Meal ( P99.00 ) - We already knew some dips usually paired with fish fillet like the tartar sauce or gravy, but you shouldn't miss Manang's Original Sauce at your fish fillet. It was a hit!

After my late lunch, I went to Market Market to meet with E. E introduced me to this food stall inside Market Market. I only know Japanese cake - the circle shaped one stuffed with cheese. And now, I'm excited to try this Korean cake which had two flavors - Chocolate and Pastillas.
People creating up a line to buy this cakes! It was a hit for others, and I can't wait to have a bite!
We ordered a small box. Hihi :)
Chocolate-flavored Korean cakes piling up on the tray!
So this is how the Korean cakes are made. Hmmm.
Bite-size Korean cakes! I'm drooling now! =p~
It was delicious! The bread was soft and the filling was scrumptious. Both pastillas and chocolate flavors tasted heavenly! But if I were to pick one flavor, I'll choose pastillas! :)

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