Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ma Maison: An Unexpected Dinner

After an interview at Makati, I headed to Greenbelt to meet E for our dinner. I was hoping to eat at Ma Maison but he thought it was too expensive and we might have a short budget on it. He looked for other restaurants, but I told him my mind and tastebuds was already set on a Tonkatsu at Ma Maison so we checked out the menu at Ma Maison to budget our money. Good thing we can manage the prices on their sets so we finally decided to have our sumptuous and expensive dinner here.
*Sorry for the low quality photos. Since this was unexpected, I just used E's iTouch. ;)
Ma Maison is located at Greenbelt 2, where the expensive restaurants lies. And yes, it was our first time to dine at this place. The waiters were so accommodating and polite especially for us, first timers at Ma Maison. I love the place where the waiter offered us a seat. We were beside the kitchen window where I can see the chefs busy creating our food.
It has cozy ambiance and remarkable interiors which I really love. I would love to sit outside to feel the night's breeze but then, as a first timer, I want to feel the intimacy of the interiors of the place. While waiting for our orders, they served us complimentary crunchy bread sticks.
I love the colorful lamp on our table! On the left side is the tonkatsu sauce, while on the right is the Japanese dressing (made of vinaigrette, carrots, and other spices).
For E's order, I was really shocked when he ordered this dish - and I thought we had a limited budget! :))
Sizzling Beef ( P450.00 ) - Stir-fried beef in Yakiniku sauce served with egg, Japanese rice, side vegetables, side salad, miso soup, and fruits.
The beef was tender and full of flavor. I can feel the authenticity of the Yakiniku sauce which was evident in every bite of the meat like it was marinated for a long time. The veggies were fresh and not overcooked.
Ma Maison's House Specialty Tonkatsu ( P345.00 ) - Served with miso soup, side salad, Japanese rice, and fruits.
The pork cutlets were so tender and has crispy light breading! I love the shredded cabbage on the side, and a small scoop of fresh mashed potato and tomato. Every ingredient on the whole set complement each other, which made the whole thing a complete package!
Side salad in our sets. It was just right for me. The Japanese dressing was so delicious and perfect on the fresh salad.
Frozen Green Tea Brazo de Mercedes ( P185.00 ) - Just a tip, be sure to slice it down through the graham crust to enjoy the sweet green tea flavor of this cake. A total of four layers, brazo de mercedes, green tea, custard cream, and graham crust! The green tea was just a bit too high, but everything was a perfect combination!
Proof that we loved and enjoyed the whole dining experience at Ma Maison ♥

Oh, and one more thing, our expensive dinner was all worth it! It's a good thing that even just one day of a month, we spend money for a gastronomically-stimulating-mouthwatering-delicious dishes like the ones served to us today! :) 

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