Saturday, May 12, 2012

Becky's + Tori Box + Yellowcab

Boxing turned into a food trip!

I was supposed to go boxing on Taft on a Friday afternoon with E, however we were surprise on the walk-in fee for boxing at Elorde. Elorde at Taft have different prices compare to Elorde at Las Pinas. Super mahal! That's why we decided to do something else. We had walk trips around Vito Cruz area and had a slice of cake at Becky's. I wanted to take pictures of the cakes however the guard told me that taking pictures is not allowed inside the store. This was the only (sneaky) picture I got.
Becky's Kitchen - Well, they have several selections of pastries to choose from. They don't have dine-in accommodations except from the little table and two chairs that's ideal for one to two customers (they also have benches for waiting customers). We ordered a slice of Coffee Cream Cake and Swiss Chocolate Cake. We also bought whole Chocolate Fudge Cake for Angge's surprise birthday at Yellocab in the evening.

We craved for something salty after eating the cake so we went to Tori Box at One Archer's Place. They have a small place beside Manang's Chicken. They have good interiors and can cater around 20 to 30 customers, I guess.
 Affordable meals, indeed!
 Kara-age Pop with Fries with Italian Cheese Powder (P 75.00)
I remembered the restaurant Frio Mixx back when I was high school. This one is unique since it's not just an ordinary breaded chicken, hence powdered italian cheese was added into it. It's not only good as  pika-pika but it can also be matched with rice! Believe me, it tastes good with the powdered cheese.

Around 6 in the evening, we went to Yellowcab to wait for Angge. We ordered three 18" pizzas with flavors Barbeque Chicken (my favorite!), Meat Lovers, and New York's Finest.
Meat Lovers
Barbeque Chicken
New York's Finest
Happy Birthday Angge! ♥
Attendance: Valbs, Mayor, Ed, Airam, Manny, Jed, Ran, Reuben, Ry, Angge, and E.

Busog day! 


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I want that pan of pizza!!

  2. Omg pizza made me drool =p~