Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ready, set, pigeons!

One of the things I really love to do is to explore, not only on different places but also in food. I was given a chance to participate in Food Adventure in The Piazza at Venice, McKinley Hill. I was really excited and curious if I will be satisfied on the food that will be served. There are more than 10 participating well-known restaurants, so I think the registration fee is worth it. In addition to the Food Adventure, there was also pigeon feeding, which is a plus on my adventure that day, however, we already need to pay for the grains to be fed to the pigeons unlike my last visit. There were fewer pigeons this time compared on my last visit, thus we had a hard time feeding them.

The Piazza is a really good place to chill with your friends since it has a different ambiance compare to a mall. It has a wide variety of restaurants from fast foods to a bit fine dining. In addition, you can find a salon here. ;) Pigeon feeding is a plus point, and some 'trolly-like' (those animal cars that kids can ride) that you can rent.

Food pictures will be posted on my next blog! 

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