Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chuck's Deli: Deli Big Slabwich

E and I purchased Chuck's Deli discount vouchers at Ensogo which can be found here. We haven't tried eating there and my friend, Jomen, told me that it's a good place, so that pushed me to convince E to buy the vouchers. We bought two vouchers, which means that we can order 400 pesos worth of food for 200 pesos. Yay, I'm excited!
Chuck's Deli, to my surprise, was just a small place which can cater roughly around 20 customers. The place has a couple of blackboard that contains graffiti and some promos and information.
A huge menu welcomes you in front of their store.
Yummy dishes to choose from! Guess what's our order?
Cool graffiti over here!
The servers were very kind and accommodating. They were knowledgeable on what's on the menu and  knows what to offer on new customers like us! :)
Chuck's Deli Challenge: Finish their Buffalo Chicken Slabwich in 5 minutes! OMG. I can't even imagine myself finishing it in a nick of time!
Hand Sanitizer on each table!
Signature dressing (Original and Hot)
Hamsome Threesome ( P495.00 ) - Three different kinds of ham, shredded lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mustard garlic sauce, and cheese. It comes with your choice of side kick. We asked the waiter to divide our slabwich into two.
Onion Rings for our side kick!
FIVE layers of ham!
Ready to eat? =p~
Nomnom! And I didn't finished mine, so I just had my leftovers for take out. :p

We had fun and we really enjoyed our slabwich for the night. I'd love to go back to try their Buffalo Chicken Slabwich, it looks delicious! And I know there are still more must-try dishes on their menu :)

Chuck's Deli
G/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City
Along the driveway across Market! Market!
Tels. (02) 576-4210, (0923) 398-6378
Website: Chuck's Deli PH

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