Thursday, February 16, 2012


We went to Manila Zoo to check for giraffes. However, this elephant was the only animal (i think) that I really liked there because (1) there was no giraffe, (2) the zebra wasn’t groomed well, and (3) there was no intense interaction with the tigers. We payed an entrance fee of 20 php (student) and we had fun though we were disappointed seeing the animals that looks like they were not taken care. There were even no facilitators (or hindi ko lang napansin kasi hindi distinct or wala silang uniform) that roam around or look over the animals. That was my expectations for a zoo. I was disappointed on how they facilitate the animals rather than enjoyed seeing them sleep or eat on their respective cages.
We headed to Robinson’s Ermita to watch The Vow. The movie was good. A nice way to end a movie is to keep the audience hanging on the story. We were really just in time for the movie so we didn’t had a chance to buy snacks to bring inside the movie house. So we had our dinner at Holy Cow since we crave for meat, and it’s one on my resto list. ;)

 We upgraded one of our order so we could have a soup and unlimited iced tea. :>
 Country’s Pride Parmesan Chicken. This was also good, however E said that the chicken was not that tender.
 Cowboy Ranch Style Porkchop. The mushroom gravy was really great! :D


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