Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You could be my It Girl

Just an ordinary day. I went to school to shoot the first collection (Sugar and Spice) of my friends’ online shop called It Girl Clothing Line. We had the ‘photoshoot’ at the open area of Yuchengco’s second floor. The shoot was fun! It was my second time to shoot ‘significant’ photos for others. Hihi. I’m so happy! ;) I know I’m not yet that good in photography, but these were some of the shots!
Andy and Cla. It Girl Clothing Line owners! :)
A dose of some inspirational messages found somewhere in the vicinity! This is so sweet! :”> ♥
Herp Derp (Cuenca, 2012)
Gorgeous Czar!
Pretty Zeti!
Sugar and Spice! 
I also really wanted to have a small business during my college years, however, I felt that I was too busy to handle that load and I can’t really think of what business I should enter. I realized that I wanted to put up a business somewhere in my fourth year, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it. I am so happy for my friends that they pursue their business!
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