Sunday, August 5, 2012

TLJ + Pepper Lunch Day

Since I (and E) haven't blow my birthday cake for this year, E surprised me with a Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake fresh from Chef's hands at Tous Les Jours, SM Southmall. I was really fascinated on their creative cake designs. The cake was made when E ordered on that same day, so I can say, it was freshly made by the chef. Around an hour's time, I guess. We had a fresh ambiance outside the new Food Street wing of SM Southmall, and there we blew our birthday cake. 
The cake was exemplary appealing. Can I just look at this delectable piece of cake?
We started to put the colorful petite candles and borrowed a lighter from the chef. Happy Birthday. Yes, I'm finally forever twenty-two. I had the first slice of the cake and checked what's inside that pretty cake in front of us.
Verdict? Oh, it has real strawberry bits on the first layer of chiffon cake. The red powder on top tasted sour - strawberry. The sweetness of the icing was just enough, not to the level of the usual cake's icing. The chiffon was soft, and the strawberries were fresh. Not your ordinary kind of strawberry cake. It's a bit sour because the strawberry flavor stands out rather than the sweetness.
Pepper Lunch celebrated its 3rd Anniversary at Alabang Town Center last July 23, 2012. Thus, they gave their customers Beef Pepper Rice for only 100 php! Since I really love Pepper Lunch, we (together with Einer and Nicel) went there around dinner time. Luckily, we didn't wait that long to have our seats inside. I thought that the serving, especially the beef, wasn't that much like the normal-not-discounted-price. I wasn't sure though, since it looked their normal serving. Haha!
Looks excited for our 100 bucks Beef Pepper Rice! :)
You judge on its serving. :p

Forever twenty-two, A


  1. What a steal! 100 peso beef pepper rice! Looks yummy as well and so does the cake which looks like it's shaped like a rose. Bet it tasted just as good as it looks. :)

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