Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Akiba Cafe: Gotta Love Teas

There are so many cafe shops that pops in different places here in the Metro. But at some point I felt that I wanted something unique, so that leads me to Akiba Cafe. I love trying different kinds of delectable goodies so I felt excited on what Akiba Cafe could offer. This is the first Japanese Cafe here in the Philippines so most of their ingredients came from Japan.

Owned by Kenn and Wesley Ong, Akiba Cafe only have an open stall at SM Megamall, which can cater around 10 customers dining in. They have the most accommodating staff! They were really nice and always giving us a smile. They were also patient and respectful on enlightening us on their menu and on what we like to order. The environment was not that noisy at that time though it's an open area and the fact that it lies on a usually crowded mall, so E and I had a good time on our stay.
This is how Akiba Cafe looks like. We went here during the SM Mega Food Sale so we had discounts on their Trifle Tea.

We had a slice of their famous cake and two cold drinks. We stayed there for about an hour since we really enjoyed the place, and we had a strong SM free WIFI connection at their spot. I'm a tea lover, and one of their best sellers is made of green tea, so I felt excited on it!
 We indulged ourself on this luscious piece of cake!
Green Tea Cheesecake ( P130.00 ) - Everyone should try this one! It doesn't have much decorations on top, just a simple design of icing. For a reasonable price, we enjoyed this soft-and-moist-just-enough-sweetness healthy piece of cake. Aside from being unique and scrumptious, I can taste the authenticity of the green tea flavor. E and I both love its richness, simplicity and light green tea essence. This is a must try, and I love to have it again! :)
Signature Trifle Kohi ( P100.00 ) - I felt curious about E's drink. It's for coffee lovers out there. Without mixing, the Kohi tasted a strong coffee flavor. The rich trifle cream on top has an ample sweetness that helps to reduce the bitterness of the Kohi. They recommend the customers not to use a straw on their trifle tea. So I tried it, and the cream created a white mustache above my lips. However, I am not into strong coffee (or just the coffee itself) flavor, so I prefer mixing the cream to the coffee right away.
Jasmine Trifle Tea ( P100.00 ) - The moment it was neatly served in our table, I can already smell the Jasmine Tea essence of this drink! It can be compared to a milk tea because of its smooth and creamy trifle cream on top. It really looked like a milk tea when mixed, but the waiter advised me that it's best to drink it without using a straw. The drink was light and refreshing with a right amount of sweetness.
Our picture for the day! ;) Ugh. Kinda exhausted from an exam. :|
Nowadays, I usually go for green tea because it really do gives a lot of benefits! One of its benefits is it increases metabolism so you'll burn calories faster. It also reduces bad cholesterol, the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer! More about its benefits can be found on this website.

Akiba Cafe offered a unique treat on us. I enjoyed the food we ordered and the time we spent at their place. I would love coming back there to try their other offers, and I do hope that they would open a new branch near to us soon!

♡ A

Akiba Cafe
2F, SM Megamall Bldg. A, Mandaluyong City
Facebook: Akiba Cafe

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