Friday, April 27, 2012

Dinner at Burgoo

We had our very sumptuous dinner at Burgoo, Mall of Asia. Our friend purchased a voucher from Deal Grocer for us girls (with Andy and Zeti). Unfortunately, my friend, Andy wasn't able to come. Good thing we are five because they served heavy meals for us. They have a huge paper as cover for the table, and they provide crayons for us to make ourselves busy while waiting for the food. 
*Low quality pictures. I used E's iTouch for this.
 Swiss Chocolate from Marks and Spencer. It tastes like Cadburry! Yummy! :)
A and E 
Mickey and Zeti 

Four Seasons (left) & Grapefruit (right) Juice. Err, I don't like the bitter taste of the grapefruit. Good thing it's not my order, it's E's. Haha! :)
Oriental Chicken Salad. Crisp greens, red cabbage, water chestnuts, crab meat, Mandarin oranges in an Oriental dressing topped with fried chicken cubes. The salad was quite fine - a bit dull for me. 
Cream Dory Milanese. Not a mouthwatering picture for this. :( This dish is served with spinach cream sauce, mashed potato and caper salsa. Everything was really good here. I really love cream dory!

 Shrimp and Ribs Platter. Fries, Corn, Cajun-Spiced Prawns and Full-flavored Baby Back Ribs. Real yummy and tender! I love ribs. I love prawns. I love this platter! 
Seafood Au Gratin. It's a mix of shrimps, calamari, mussels and clams cooked in pink sauce poured over Bucatini pasta and topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Three garlic breads were added on the side of the pasta. In some restaurants, there are only few seafoods on top of pasta dishes, not on this one! There were many shrimps and clams and mussels and calamari on the pasta. This is a heavy dish! The waiter opened the foil in front of us! Though not really that appealing, at least it was served fresh! ;)
Super busog faces from Mickey and Zeti. First place goes to Mickey, second to E, third to me. Hooray for us with big appetite! Yay, my cheat day, I promise to lessen my food intakes after this! Hopefully I'll overcome this food indulgence!
Our vain moments after the dinner :) Hihi 

Burgoo is really a good place to eat. Though we waited long for the food, once they served the appetizer, they continue to served the other orders. They also have crayons used for doodle moments to kill time in waiting for the food. I really enjoyed my dinner here! :)


  1. kaya pala sabi ni Clarence OP sya 2 couple kasama nya :))

    1. Kinakausap kaya namin siya nina Zeti! Siya yung tahimik e :))

  2. What an Ayesha! Pati yung herp derp sinama eh :)))))