Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Engineer by profession, traveller by heart ♥

I just want to share this once in a lifetime achievement I have accomplished. I am really happy that I am now a licensed engineer. Thank you to all who believed and supported me along the way! There are too many people to thank for, second on my list is my parents. Lord, You are the first on my list. Thank you Lord! :)
I'm so overwhelmed for those people who send me messages especially to my professor (kahit hindi kami close) at the review center. I have two friends that topped the board exam, and I'm really proud of them! Though I have also some friends who didn't make it on the list, I know God has a better plan for them. Just keep the faith alive. :)

53.55% passed the Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination.
71.68%  De La Salle University - Manila students passed the exam.
100% passing rate for my block, Block EP! :)

Congratulations to all of us! To God be the glory! :)

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