Monday, April 30, 2012

Feel good

My plan for today is to pay for the oath taking tickets at PRC, have lunch at DLSU, then straight to Landmark to shop for a spaghetti strapped top and to pay for vouchers bought online. Well, the plan was going well until I decided to drop by at Forever 21 just to look for cheap items (anything below 500) just to have my very first F21 item. I saw a cheaper spaghetti strapped top here compare to landmark so I thought I could buy the top here. However, I saw this cute red top, and *boom* I really wanted it so badly. Also, I saw this red shoes that's so comfy and I really want it too! However, my money isn't enough for the 2 items, and I can't be too obsessive on material things. 

After about an hour, I decided to buy the cute red top and decided to give it to my mom as my Mother's Day Gift! Yay! And I'll borrow it nalang! ;) ***Pardon that chubby arms! 
On my way home, there's an old woman who entered the bus but there's no seats left for her so I let her to take my seat. Yay! She even offered to pay my fare, but I already paid the conductor and even if I didn't pay yet, I don't want her to pay for me for letting her sit. I felt so good to help others! :)