Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dinner Date at Marriott Cafe

It's Halloween time! Years ago, me and my cousins had trick or treats inside a mall in Manila. I was hoping that I'll have that chance again this year, however, my cousins couldn't go. Me and mom just pushed through on the dinner and just adore the wide variety of kids and adults in costumes! Oh, I wish next time I'll have a chance to wear a costume for halloween! ;)

We had our dinner date at Marriott Cafe, we weren't ready for the buffet so we just ordered an ala carte meal. There were so many kids in costumes with pumpkin baskets from the restaurant. Even the staff were in halloween attires, and they're in really good costumes!
Happy Halloween! :)
Soft and chewy slices of bread!
Frozen Ice Tea - Very refreshing!! It tastes like a fruit smoothies, I can barely recognize the tea essence but this is one great drink for the night! :)
Free squirrel stuffed toy from the Frozen Iced Tea! Sweet! :)
Margherita Pizza - Tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil.
Unlike other pizzas, this one is not oily! The crust though is not that soft so I had a hard time on slicing it. Though, the taste is okay for me, just because I want more flavor or sauce on the pizza.
Chili Wings - Six pieces of chicken wings! Not so chili, by the way. Just perfect to munch in for the night. I love how the cucumber slices helped to neutralize our taste buds.
Me and mom! ♥ 
Can you spot the waiter at the back? Hahaha! Jack Sparrow costume. That's how prepared the staff were! :)

Super busog and enjoy with mom! Yey! :)

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