Friday, November 2, 2012

Love Hate Peanuts at PB Co.

These days, I've been busy working as a trainee for a certain IT company that's why I've been missing in action for some time. It's a tough adjustment on me since this is my first job ever (except for OJT) after college. A whole day at work and a couple of hours travel time really gives me a hard time on managing my time. Yet, I still look for a way to have a work-life balance.

E and I had dinner at Peanut Butter Company on a Tuesday night at MOA. It's a unique experience for me since I'm not into peanuts -- but I do eat peanut butter and chocnut. Weird me? Haha! 
A simple white interiors and furniture welcomed me as I entered the place. E already ordered for us because I was late (yes, overtime).
The peanut butter shelf. They sell different flavors of peanut butter. Wow, this is something to try on!
Quite small place compared to other restaurants inside the mall. I'm really fascinated on what they've got for their customers. So, let's kill curiosity and take a look on their menu:
Wide array of dishes, I can say! Waffles, Salad, Rice Meals, Sandwiches, and Pasta! Hmmm. What did E ordered for the night? 
Classic Milkshake ( P125.00 ) - All time favorite vanilla milkshake. Perfect way to wake up my senses from a long day at work.
Fish N' Dip Rice ( P135.00 ) - Soft fish fillet with thin coat of breading was a good choice E made for me to have that night. The dip! Well, it was creamy with a hint of peanut butter flavor - just light and right enough to match with fish.
Tonkatsu Burger Rice ( P185.00 ) - Burger coated with breading! Something unique for the night. The burger was soft and flavorful with its crunchy breading. The sauce was a bit strong for me, but it's something worth trying. 
Barq's Root Beer ( P45.00 ) - E treated me dinner, and I treated him with his favorite brand of root beer. Quite fair enough, right? :)

Ending the day with a question of to love or hate peanuts. I don't know since peanut butter's okay for me. We had a great night here. Bright white lights and interiors - looks elegant on every corner! :)

Peanut Butter Company (PB Co.)
SM Mall of Asia
Facebook: Peanut Butter Company

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