Saturday, November 17, 2012

Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe: Treat or treats

These days, the heat of the sun was so irritating. We have nothing to do. Bored. And yes. We watched Skyfall and decided to have our dinner here with family. I was expecting for some meat for the night, but we all went curious on this new restaurant.
My father loves to eat noodles so we tried this new restaurant just beside IMAX in Mall of Asia. 
It's the first of November, yet there were so many people strolling around the mall. Thus, the restaurant was almost filled with customers. The waiters were also dressed up just right for the halloween!
Siew Mai ( P100.00 - 4 pcs ) - Four pieces of fully stuffed siomai goodies. A bit pricy but it can give you authentic flavors of China even on the first bite! 
Deep-fried Cauliflower with Spicy Mayo Sauce ( P105.00 ) - Fresh cauliflower coated with soft and crispy breading. It's a good start for our dinner. However, I would want it to be on a 'bite-sized' shape.
Fish 'N' Chips ( P225.00 ) - Soft fish fillet coated in light crunchy breading. The lemon gave a unique zesty hint on the fish. Some healthy (?) stuff here!
XW Signature Stir-fried Noodles ( P235.00 ) - Fully loaded with fresh seafood and veggies! Great serving, thus I only munched down half of the serving. 
I don't know if it's only me, but it's a bit bland, maybe because I'm used to salty noodles. But the crunchy dilis gave that mild salty flavor which turned out to be a great match on the noodles!
HK Iced Milk Tea ( P75.00 ) - It seems a legit experience having my drink in a stainless steel cup. I love milk teas, no wonder why I ordered this drink for the night. The taste was not bad, however I felt a grainy texture as I sip in to the cup. Probably, the ingredients were not blended well to produce a smooth texture on the drink. 
Great night with fam bam! Actually, I treated my parents on this day because as we all know, it's pay day! Hooray for the working girl! :)

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