Saturday, July 21, 2012

Around Baler

Our second day at Baler was for touring around the place. We went to Ditumabo Falls first. We had to trek around an hour just to see that beautiful falls. It was actually worth it. Though our outfits for the day was not intended for trekking, we're still on the go just for adventure! Unfortunately we didn't tried swimming at the falls since we don't have any extra clothes -- bottomline: we're unprepared for the trekking and swimming stuff.
With my friend, Cib :)
Clear water!
 Ditumabo Falls. How lovely! Clean and clear body of water!
 Our ride. Rocky road going to the start of the trek so we had to get out of the tricycle!

We headed to the Balete Park and climb the big 600-year-old Balete Tree. It was my first time to climb a tree and it was fun! The kids who assisted us climbing looks "sanay" so I felt safe along the way.
Yay! Going down the tree!
We dropped by to have pictures with these! Welcome to Baler, Aurora! Hahaha! We also checked the Museo de Baler, however it's under renovation.

I remembered the movie Baler in 2008 when I visited the Church. Baler was really historical (I thought) after watching that movie. The renovated Church looked like the old on an architectural basis, I guess, but personally I did not think it looks old by the way it was painted and designed right now.  It looks modernized that's why my historical-mood-at-Baler moment declined a little. Nevertheless, Baler trip is not complete until you visit the Baler Church.
All these in half a day! After the tour, we headed back to the resort to have lunch and packed our things to head back to Manila. I didn't expect the tour would be so much fun! 

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