Sunday, July 8, 2012

Series of Birthdates

Eight-day gap between our birthdates, E and I had a bunch of surprises within our birthday week. I allot my birthday for my family so I scheduled E on the 26th. I don't want to ruin the surprise so I didn't ask E what's the plan for that day - all he said was we'll watch a movie then have dinner at Makati. However, we were not able to watch a movie since E got an urgent thesis meeting. Upon arrival at Makati, we went to Giligan's, Glorietta 5 to have our dinner. After around 20 minutes of waiting for food (?), Angge and my friends came. And yes, Reanne was also there! :)
Finally, perfect bloom Stargazers!! :)
 Thank you E! :") ES ♥ without Manny and Ed.

Two days after, I surprised him with a blocked screening of The Amazing Spiderman at Newport Cinemas at 9 AM. I won these two movie tickets from Resorts World Manila's Click Flick at Twitter. The funny part is, after I won these tickets, he invited me to join his family to watch also The Amazing Spiderman at IMAX, Mall of Asia that day at 7 PM. After the movie, we had our sumptuous lunch at Sizzling Pepper Steak, chilled, then rode the free shuttle to Mall of Asia. We meet his mom and ate our early dinner at Burgoo.

Finally, I permed my hair at Tony and Jackey, SM North Edsa The Block on that weekend. The whole process lasted for about three and a half hours since they treated my dry hair first. Good thing they have this digital mirror (a mirror with a 'TV screen' inside) so I watched the movie, Mirror Mirror, while they're treating my hair! :) Bongga!

We went to Mall of Asia on E's birthday. I rushed to Sophie's Mom to buy these cupcakes for E even if it's raining. I also cooked my own version of Pepper Rice with Dory Fillet for him as his lunch. He was surprised for his packed lunch ~ Mission Accomplished! :) We watched Kimmy Dora 2 and bought cream puffs at Chewy Junior. Yummy sweets for the day are found on my previous post, Rainbows are Real

We had our dinner at Racks. We just ordered a meal for one person, which consists of a Quarter Rack Pork Rib, Rice, Salad, Clam Chowder, Cheese and Broccoli. We ordered an extra side dish, Mac and Cheese. We were really full, I swear!! Racks never fail to make my stomach full and my taste buds happy. :)

What a wonderful week! 

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