Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Twenteen and two

Gaaah. Getting older but still young at heart. I celebrated my birthday at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati. Unfortunately, I was sick the night before my birthday so I wasn't able to eat much during our dinner at Sentro, Greenbelt 3.

I really have no idea where to eat dinner, but since we got to Greenbelt and this one's on my "Resto List", I suggested to eat at Sentro. The waiters were not that accommodating even though the restaurant is not full of customers. 
Le them while choosing what to order. Of course I suggested their best seller, Sinigang na corned beef.
Pandan Lemon Cooler - A different taste of drink. Lemony at first with an after-taste of pandan. Worth a try! :)
 Boneless Crispy Trotter - Deboned Crispy Pata. The best crispy pata I've ever tasted. Aside from its crunchiness, it's deboned so customers will not have a hard time on eating this. 
 Sinigang na Corned Beef - Corned beef short ribs and boneless shanks in tamarind broth. The beef was really tender and delicious. Before they serve this dish, they will offer a cup of sinigang soup to check your desired sourness of the dish. That's really a great idea since some people don't want too much sourness of the dish. This bowl is for sharing serving, a bit small? Maybe or maybe not. The bowl is full of vegetables and beef, and don't have much soup. We didn't got a chance of asking for more soup, but I think they really give additional soup for the sinigang.
 Almost done eating!
 Maja Blanca - Free dessert for every 500php on your bill during Sundays. They also have Classic Ginataan but I didn't got a chance to have a picture of it.
 Family picture with Yano who don't want to face the camera but wants to join the picture. 
 After having our sumptuous dinner at Sentro, we proceed to the Swimming Pool of Dusit Hotel since Aki, Yano, and Mom wants to swim though the pool is just open until 9 PM.
 No, this is not ours. But I really find it cute when I see miniature type of things. 
 Dusit Hotel's Swimming Pool at 10 AM.
 Though they really have a great location (beside the hotel are shopping malls like Glorietta, easy access to different places since it's beside EDSA, bunch of food choices, etc.), staying at Dusit is really not that relaxing since it lies in Makati, and beside this is EDSA. Aside from seeing trees, you'll see cars all around the area.
 Buffet Lunch at Basix, Dusit Hotel.
Shrimps, Chicken, and Lamb meat. Very tender and tasty! 
Mom and I tried there pasta. They'll cook it first with your choice of ingredients and pasta. Personally, I   didn't like it very much. I hate the bacon, it doesn't smell good. Haha. 

I don't feel perfectly fine that moment so I didn't ate much. They don't have tempura, they only serve it during dinner. Their buffet doesn't appetizing aside from the desserts. I like their cheesecake! But I appreciate the chef that personally went out of the kitchen and suggested good dishes for us. Their staff was really accommodating. Though I'm not on a buffet mode, I think the food at that moment was limited. I want to go back here to experience the Family Crossover Brunch Buffet during Sundays, maybe it will change my feedback on their buffet. I heard it's really one of the best! 

Still no cake. It's not too late to blow a birthday cake! Yay, I hope someone give me a birthday cake from Tous Les Jours, I'm a fan of their decorative cakes. I hope it taste good. :)

♥ Not officially a twenteen-two, A :)

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