Friday, July 27, 2012

Cinemalaya 8

Cinemalaya is a Philippine Independent Film Festival. For three consecutive years, I attended this and watched films I liked. There are three categories for this film competition which are 10 New Breed Full Length, Short Feature, and Director's Showcase. Aside from these, they also show past top-grosser Cinemalaya films and also tributes, for instance, their opening film was Babae sa Breakwater by Mario O'Hara and for their closing film, a Dolphy tribute - Jack en Jill by Mar Torres.

I've watched two films on Director's Showcase category and five films on New Breed category. There were many people watching now unlike the past years. I remember 2 years ago when JM de Guzman casted Rekrut on Cinemalay 6, he wasn't that famous that I can have a picture with him. But now, mostly girls would scream for him just to see and have a picture.

My bet? I really enjoyed all the New Breed that I watched, Ang Nawawala was good. They also said that The Animals was also good, however I haven't watched it. Mga Mumunting Lihim for Director's Showcase is my bet. It was really good, one factor was that the cast was really star-studded. Bwakaw was also a good film, there were some twists that makes the film good.

Here are some pictures at Cinemalaya :)

The crowd at Intoy Syokoy's Gala Night.
Favorite! Mercedes Cabral :)
Carlo Aquino! 
Eugene Domingo!
Mga Mumunting Lihim cast.
We had our sumptuous midnight snack at Shakey's Las Pinas after watching Sta. Nina last Tuesday.

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