Monday, July 16, 2012

You call it My SerendipiTea

"When love feels like magic, you call it destiny. When destiny has a sense of humor, you call it serendipity."

I was excited when I was invited by my friend, Zeti, to be food tasters for OpenRice PH: Eat's a Date! Together with my college friends, Zeti, Mickey, Andy, Cla, and Einer, we were supposed to write a review to this Taiwanese tea shop, My SerendipiTea at Quezon City ~ yes, way up north of me! I was hesitant at first since I really don't know the place and the event is at 10 in the morning, however, for the love of food, I shall travel. :)
This cute little tea shop is a bit small for a usual tambayan place I've encountered, though it can accommodate roughly around 15 customers. A bit bright place, I felt a warm welcome as I entered because of its ambiance. The lovely owners of My SerendipiTea, Angela and Iris, prepared some delicatessen for us since they do not serve food meals and also to neutralize our taste buds while food tasting their teas. This is their first branch and it's running for 7 months already, their second branch is located in Pampanga. The ingredients for their drinks is directly from Taiwan and is freshly brewed daily, that's why their drinks have authentic taste.
Upon arrival, we had a series of picture taking inside the place. ;)
Party packages! :)
Yummy!! :)
Cute clock! And yes, it's working! :)
Oh, this cute placemat and basket was placed in every table! Cute! :)
One of the lovely owners of My SerendipiTea sharing about how they started :)
Hooray for the menu for us! :)

1. SerendipiTea Milk Tea with Pearls and Pudding
     ~ Simple yet amazingly delicious. This is an example of a good blend between milk and tea - just right to be their signature drink. The pearls were soft enough to chew without much effort and the pudding has just-enough-sweetness and good texture.

2. Royal Milk Tea
     ~ Compare to SerendipiTea Milk Tea, this one has a stronger tea flavor - a kick. I would definitely order this since I'm the person who wants a milk tea that is not-so-milky-sweet-but-a-bittersweet-drink.

3. Oreo Milk Tea
     ~ Sometimes curiosity doesn't end up in a good way. The oreo bits did not blend well with my milk tea. It felt like I'm eating cereals. This is a good twist on milk teas however, for me, it needs a little improvement.

4. Dark Chocolate Milk Tea with Peppermint
     ~ Oh, just the perfect blending for a unique milk tea. Not your ordinary milk tea, the flavors are really distinguishable that makes the drink really good! This is a good example of a Peppermint Bark (chocolate mint candy) turned into a refreshing milk tea drink.

5. Wintermelon Milk Tea
     ~ It's sweet. Really sweet. I suggest to lessen the sugar level of this drink especially for those who doesn't want their milk tea to be sugary-milk-tea. I liked the Coffee Jelly sinkers, which was served to us together with this drink, just enough texture and coffee essence.

6. Taro Milk Tea
     ~ Grainy texture. Thick and slimy-feeling drink. Well-blended, I guess? Since I'm really not a fan of Taro. 

7. Dark Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese
     ~ I love the bittersweet taste of dark cocoa. The rock salt and cheese was fine, not so distinguishable when I sip, maybe because the serving wasn't that much at that moment. But I can say, the rock salt and cheese combination was really good. Definitely a must try!

8. Lychee Fruit Tea
     ~ It's really a refreshing drink. It has the right sweetness of lychee combined with the tea essence. An option between Black or Green Tea can be used on this drink. This drink reminded me of a lychee flavored jellyace! Kids would really adore this drink.

9. Cranberry Fruit Tea
     ~ The cranberry was really distinguishable. Strong taste - a bit bitter for me. Good thing the cognac jelly sinkers were helpful on giving sweetness on the drink.

10. Mango Yakult
     ~ A refreshing drink with the right blending between the mango juice and Yakult. 

11. Caramel Macchiato with Coffee Jelly
     ~ A unique variety of My SerendipiTea's drink offerings. You wouldn't find this kind of drink in a usual milk tea shop. I love how the mildy strong creamy coffee flavor remains on my taste buds. Coffee Jelly was just perfect to this coffee-based drink; I really liked the texture of their coffee jelly. 

Good thing they served us small amount of their drinks! I can't imagine myself drinking those 11 flavors at their normal size for one sitting! So that's how I ranked my teas for the day :)
But wait, there's more! They gave us complimentary drinks of our choice! Variety of teas at the counter table just for us! Hooray!
And for my complimentary drink, I'm really a fan of green tea so even though it's on with the list of teas we've food taste, I risk myself ordering this.
"Your fate in our cup of tea."
Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese ~ How adorable. I love the taste of the green tea that blends well on the creamy rock salt and cheese when I sip. Just enough amount of this creamy goodness. I love the floral essence that the green tea gives, its flavor is just right for my cup of tea. 
Food bloggers / Eat's a Date participants with the owners of My SerendipiTea, Angela and Iris.

Service: The staff were really polite and brought a positive vibes throughout our stay. They are bubbly and really accommodating. They were also well-trained and knowledgeable on milk teas. They also didn't let it too long for our finished cups to stay in our tables and they maintained cleanliness on their place.

Ambiance: Free WIFI zone! This is really ideal for people who doesn't wants to stay offline. The place is really not that big that can accommodate roughly 15 people. They also have couches for a more comfortable bonding sensation with friends. Aside from bonding with friends and staying online at this place, it's also a good place to study. Though a bit bright because of the sunlight, the area stays well ventilated.

Thank you so much Angela and Iris of My SerendipiTea for having us here. The tea samplers were already enough however they also gave us token ~ thoughtful lovely owners! I was really happy tasting your drinks and we've all got 'milk tears' of joy! This is really a must try for everyone (especially those who live in QC area) who's in love with milk tea like me :)

And of course, thank you OpenRice PH for having this event possible. It was really a great experience joining you guys!

My SerendipiTea
Ground Floor, Cocoon Boutique Hotel, Scout Tobias cor. Scout Rallos, Quezon City
Store Hours: 9am - 2 am
(02) 514-6773
Facebook: My SerendipiTea

OpenRice PH Facebook: OpenRice Philippines

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